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Tameka “Tiny” Harris, wife of Rapper TI, and VH1 Reality Star has been spotted all over the internet rocking the Signature T-Shirt, “Bibles Over Bags,” from new Christian Clothing Line, Kingdom Chics. Birthed out of Washington, D.C. by founder Unique Walker, Kingdom Chics Clothing recently catapulted onto the scene with its non-traditional designs and messages, attracting the likes of several celebrities, and supporters from all over the country. Each item of the clothing line is inspired by the personal life of Unique, whose husband was recently incarcerated on a Federal Drug Conviction. Her number one goal is to minister to women, and to get the attention of, “Non-believers,” encouraging them to never live a compromised lifestyle, and to always keep Christ first.

“This is more than a clothing line, it’s an actual movement!” explained Unique. “I needed to find a way to reach the women that don’t go to church, or listen to the gospel station in their car. Every woman loves fashion, so I figured what better way to minister to them, than through clothes?”

Unique was introduced to Christ as a young girl, so although she enjoyed being showered with luxury cars, designer clothes, shoes, and handbags by her husband, she always felt convicted by his compromised lifestyle. She is now free, after living years of her life in darkness, shame, and unfulfillment, because the tangible items never made her feel complete. Unique discovered ultimate peace and happiness, when she made embracing a relationship with Christ her number one priority. She is determined now more than ever, to help prevent women around the world from making any of her past mistakes, and she’s planning to do so with the ministry of her clothing line. The Signature T-Shirt, “Bibles Over Bags,” will spread the message globally, that it’s ok to be successful, and to have material possessions, but none of it should be done by living a compromised lifestyle, or allowing it to supersede building a relationship with Christ.

The positive influence of Kingdom Chics Clothing has already reached millions by the support of notables such as, R&B singer Fantasia, Reality TV star and sister of Keyshia Cole, Neffeteria Pugh, owner of “Sister 2 Sister Magazine,” Jamie Foster Brown, daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes, Sarah Jakes, “Sunday’s Best,” winner’s, Y’anna Crawley and Tasha Page-Lockhart just to name a few.

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