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On Feb. 24, 2014, Pastor Craig Davis was sentenced to 10 years in prison for knowingly exposing women to HIV. Ronita McAfee, who is HIV negative, recently spoke to rolling out about her sexual relationship with Pastor Davis and the ordeal she faced during his criminal trial.

How did you and Craig Davis begin a sexual relationship?

I reacquainted with an old friend on Facebook, Mr. Craig Lamar Davis. He and I were full speed ahead with our relationship. But on Saturday, May 19,  that was our last time having sex. We had such a good time that Saturday morning. We vibed and laughed together that morning. He called me Saturday afternoon, a couple hours after we had parted ways to our jobs. He was crying like something was bothering him. It was like a child’s cry after they had been punished or hurt themselves. All he kept saying was, ‘I don’t want to hurt you. I shouldn’t be feeling this way, I don’t want to hurt you.’ Then he said that we couldn’t have sex anymore.

At what point did you find out he was HIV-poistive?

That following Tuesday, he called me around lunchtime like he normally does and said we need to talk. He was adamant about it being serious, so I became serious as well. I asked him what was wrong and what was going on.  That’s when he told me he had just gotten a phone call from an ex-girlfriend that told him she was HIV-positive and that he needed to get tested. He said I was the first person who came to his mind. That’s when my world went dark. It was at that very moment.

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