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pastor gets mom pregnant

If this aint some mess!!! A Pentecostal pastor from Nigeria got a 45-year-old woman and her 14-year old daughter pregnant when he was supposed to be healing them from some kind of evil spirit. 

We’ve learned Pastor Sam did what he thought was best when the news of the two pregnant women was discovered, he turned tail and ran away to avoid facing up to his responsibilities.

Apparently, the woman and her daughter were taken to Pastor Sam by the leaders and elders of the community where they lived, after the woman’s husband died of mysterious stomach problems. The elders believed the two women had something to do with the death of the man and took them to Pastor Sam for healing of the evil spirits that they believed were troubling them.

Pastor Sam promised to heal the women fully by conducting prayers for them so that the troubling spirits would leave the two women alone. However, he apparently had other motives or maybe he was trying a new kind of healing process, other than prayer, because mother and daughter both became impregnated by him.

After being introduced to Pastor Sam in December last year, the two women were going to him on a regular basis, supposedly to be healed from the demonic attacks they were facing. However, it was discovered that both women were pregnant when they were taken to a hospital by their neighbors when they both became sick.

Mother and daughter confirmed that Pastor Sam was the father of their unborn children and the cowardly pastor took off, fearing that trouble would be coming his way. He left his Pentecostal church, which is normally buzzing with people praying and worshiping and disappeared without a trace.

Elizabeth Agu, elder sister of the pregnant woman said “We tried to reach the pastor who they claimed is responsible, through his GSM line, but it was switched off.” She continued, “His whereabouts are unknown while the church is also under lock and key.”

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