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The mother of Ebola patient Amber Vinson spoke to CNN about her daughter’s health situation and how it all came to be.

“I just look forward to the day where the tears that I fight back I don’t have to fight back, because they’ll be happy tears,” Debra Berry said.

On Oct. 10, Vinson boarded a flight from Dallas to Cleveland before spending that weekend with her family in Tallmadge. Vinson was in town to plan her upcoming wedding before flying back to Dallas from CLE on Oct. 13.

The following day, Vinson was diagnosed with Ebola in Texas.”She departed to go home, back to Dallas, on Monday afternoon, and she was fine,” Vinson’s mother explains. “She called me Tuesday morning and she told me she was driving herself to the hospital because her temperature was the highest it had ever been, and that’s when she sounded like she was extremely concerned, of course. But she assured me she was going directly the hospital.

Many have been curious as to why Vinson was able to fly after treating Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan in Dallas.

“The protocols that were in place was she was to call a team member of the Dallas County Health Department and they did the reporting to the CDC.”

Berry, who lives in Tallmadge, is currently in isolation in Dallas.

She says that her daughter would never knowingly put herself or anyone in danger.”She would not have placed her life at risk, first of all. Just, again, being a caregiver, because part of what she needs to do is be healthy so she can help others. And, you’re right — also to not affect anyone negatively. And, then being her mom, Amber would never do anything to negatively impact me.”

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source: CNN.com

Amber Vinson’s Mom Speaks To CNN  was originally published on praisecleveland.com

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