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hot car mom “Hot Car Mom” Shanesha Taylor (pictured), the Mother who lacked childcare last March so she left her children alone in her SUV while she went on a job interview, could be charged for missing a scheduled financial payment to a trust fund for her children, according to Crime Feed.

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The Scottsdale, Ariz., mom, who claimed to be homeless when she was arrested and charged with child abuse, was cuffed for leaving her 6-month-old and 2-year-old children unattended in her vehicle with the window open just an inch and hot air blowing through the vents.

At the time, Taylor reportedly left her children for an hour, when a passer-by heard the children’s cries and summoned police.

The Taylor incident occurred on a day that was 82 degrees and police investigators surmised that the vehicle’s interior temp was 103 degrees by the time they were rescued.

When Taylor was taken in to custody, she recounted to police how she was homeless, jobless, and had no childcare. Taylor’s mugshot went viral, touching many like Amanda Bishop, a 24-year-old New Jersey resident, who so wanted to reach out to the Mom that she started an online fund-raising drive, hoping to raise $9,000 to post bail. Nearly $115,000 was donated by 4,053 people who also felt compelled to assist the mother in need.

In order for Taylor not to be prosecuted, she had to meet certain conditions, such as a court-ordered mandatory deposit of $60,000 that must be placed in to a trust fund for her children’s college and childcare expenses.  Last July, Taylor agreed to the court mandate, but by last Monday, the young Mom failed to meet the trust fund mandate.

When asked by a judge to show bank statements to determine whether any big purchases were made, Taylor allegedly failed to give the justice truthful responses: Taylor initially told the judge that the money was in her mother’s account and then switched her story to state that she could produce proof that she was in possession of $35,000.

As far as work, Bishop claims Taylor received loads of job offers — via the online fund —  that she passed along to the Mom. Taylor is reportedly not providing any explanations for still not being employed but is reportedly blaming the media for her plight.

Prosecutors will now proceed with the child abuse case against Taylor and a trial date has been set for December 10th. If she is convicted on the two child abuse charges, in addition to having the felonies on her record, she faces up to 18 months in jail.

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