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How to Deal with Difficult People at Family Holiday Gatherings

We’ve all been there. But spending time with the more challenging members of your family doesn’t have to be an experience to fear and dread.

The table is set with your holiday dishes and best silver, and the smell of the cooking turkey is wafting throughout the house. Fresh pine garland is draped just so over the hutch and bookcases, the Christmas tree is dripping with twinkling lights and memento ornaments, while packages are strewn under the tree waiting to be opened. You look around one more time checking to make sure everything is set, and then the doorbell rings. The first of many family members has arrived. Within minutes the house is bubbling with conversations mixed with familiar holiday music You’re crossing your fingers that all stays well. “So far, so good.“ you whisper to yourself. You spoke too soon…

“Nice decorations, where’d you get them? You know, you should have checked with me first. I know where to get the best ones. Oh, and I wouldn’t have draped the garland like that, I would have done it this way,” says Bossy McBoss as she moves the garland you took the time to get just right.

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source: BCNN1.com

How To Deal With Difficult People At Family Holiday Gatherings  was originally published on praisecleveland.com