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A California high school student is facing battery charges after he was recorded fighting his partially blind classmate, NBC News reports.

The fight occurred Wednesday at Huntington Beach High School when the partially blind student walked past the other student. The two have had issues in the past, NBC reports, which allegedly led up to their altercation. After a few words were exchanged, the encounter became physical. Bystanders circled the boys while they fought. While the student, who has not been named, was hitting the disabled teen, a third classmate identified as Cody Pine intervened, knocking the alleged attacker on the floor with one punch.

On the video, which you can view above, he’s heard shouting, “‘You trying to jump a f***ing blind kid, bro? What the f*** is your problem?”

NBC News reports:

Police said the initial attacker — who has not been named — was arrested for misdemeanor battery and released to his parents. The student who intervened is not expected to face arrest.

Footage of the fight went viral after it was posted to YouTube. The site took the video down, but it has been spread on social media. The Huntington Police Department released a statement via Facebook and confirmed the incident was unrelated to the teen’s condition.

While Pine has been hailed a hero for stopping the fight, school officials disagreed. He was suspended for two days and kicked off the high school football team for breaking the school’s “zero tolerance policy.” The brother of the alleged bully also called Pine out for his actions:

“This so-called hero, he comes up and punches him in the back of the head,” he said. “Pretty wrong, if you ask me. He could’ve killed him.”

Thousands of people have come to Pine’s defense, claiming he was right to stand up for someone who wasn’t able to fend for themselves. A petition was created to reinstate the now-former high school football player.

As of Friday afternoon, the petition has garnered over 21,000 signatures.

Check it out here.


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