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If you missed last nights episode of FOX Empire, here is the quick run down:

Lucious put his heart and soul into the musical production side of the ASA awards. But the Lyon’s family personal dirt continues to spiral out of control.

Grandma Walker says that Lucious is a liar and wants to attend the awards show. She promises to be nice she just wants to see her son and grand kids on stage. Andre being “bio-polarly” attached to Grandma decides he’s going to take her but gets busted and looked in the “closet”.

Speaking of “bio-polarly” attached:  Andre’s wife, on the other hand has figured out that her new best friend Boo Boo Kitty and her Louboutin flats pushed her down the steps. Let us not forget that it was Andre’s wife that really killed Malik Yoba. Can you say, Cray Cray!!

Jamal on the other hand is getting played, it appears, by Mr. ASA Awards down low producer. How the Whispers say it, he’s now “Lost And Turned Out”. The producer fronts on Jamal like he was hitting on him and tells Lucious, which leads into and argument between Lucious and Jamal. At the end of the argument, like always, Lucious goes too far and tells Jamal, when he dies of aids he’s is going to celebrate. From this conversation Jamal makes the decision that he will never perform with his family again.

Cookie snaps on her ungrateful crack head sister Carol and uninvited her to the show. Lucious then gives Cookie an air strip of a bracelet laced with diamonds and offers to be her date.

Cookie’s sister Carol appears to be thirsty not only for some man that’s a Fed, but also for her sisters life, and has fell off the wagon. Upset that she didn’t get, what she felt, proper respect out of Freda, she decides to be a hater and tell Freida that the only reason she is there on the red carpet is because Lucious knocked off her daddy.

Freda poor thing, as talented as she is, can’t get over her violent tendency’s. So when Carol, the little ball of hate, drops the news of her daddy’s death, Freda in a fit of rage snatches a gun and tried to shoot Lucious. Unfortunately Freida isn’t a trained marksman and she accidentally shoots the person that’s been in her corner all along Jamal.

Now Cookie is mad at Lucious, Grandma has gone outside to get her long lost shine from the media and Jamal is in surgery.

Will Jamal die, does he have aids? Will Andre’s wife get Boo Boo Kitty? Will Cookie get Carol? Is errbody going to jail?

Maybe we’ll get the answers in next weeks 2 hour finale.

Check out the video below and as always please watch, listen and respond responsibly

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