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Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is calling out the Republicans in North Carolina for making it harder for Black people to vote in the state.

The state board of elections voted to reduce early voting hours in 23 counties. Back in 2008, early voting hours were increased in 70 counties. The board also slashed Sunday early voting from 21 counties to 12.

While at a rally yesterday in Charlotte, North Carolina, Clinton said the new rules suppress the votes of African-Americans and vowed to change the policies.

The Democratic presidential candidate said the tactics of North Carolina Republicans are a “concerted effort to undermine the right to vote.”

Clinton asked a crowd in North Carolina, “What’s the best way to repudiate that kind of underhanded mean-spirited effort to deprive people their votes?” 

Clinton responded angrily to the question she posed and said, “Get out and vote and make it clear we’re not putting up with that.”

On Friday’s edition of NewsOne Now, Roland Martin called the efforts to suppress the vote in North Carolina “blatant racism,” and then he expressed his frustration with minorities in the Republican Party who have not spoken out against these discriminatory practices.

Republican Sue Zoldak, the founding CEO of The Zoldak Agency, seemed to miss the point about the GOP specifically targeting African-Americans in North Carolina, forcing David Swerdlick, assistant editor at The Washington Post, to say the voter suppression efforts on display are instituted “by design.”

He added, “The Republican Party is going to continue to struggle with voters of color” as long as they continue to circumvent the voting process “instead of focusing their efforts on winning Black, Latino, [and] Asian American votes.”

Watch Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the ongoing battle against voter suppression in North Carolina in the video clip above.


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