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Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake hosted a town hall last week in an effort to meet with constituents, but was met with a measurable amount of hostility from folks in the audience. Deja Foxx, a teenager, and activist drew raucous applause after challenging Flake and the Republican Party on a decision to defund family planning centers like Planned Parenthood.

Deja approached the microphone during the town hall Thursday and took direct aim at the President Donald Trump signing a bill into law that would deny Title X funding to family planning centers.

Deja, who identified herself as a young person of color, said that places like Planned Parenthood provide low-income patients with healthcare and no-cost birth control options that she and others would not be able to obtain. Also last week, New Jersey Sen. Leonard Lance was similarly criticized for his support of the new law.

Alencia Johnson of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now last week via Skype from Orange County, Virginia. Johnson shared her views on why resistance to the GOP’s harsh stance against family planning centers has become robust in recent days.

You’ve seen that women are at the core of this resistance because they are fed up with women’s health care being in the political crosshairs. So young women, women of color, women who are speaking out for the first time are showing up at town halls and letting their elected officials know that they disagree with their lack of support of funding for Planned Parenthood,” Johnson said.

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