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Authority is defined as a legal power of right to command, in the Webster’s Dictionary.  The Church and Body of Jesus Christ has been given the authority by Jesus Christ to carry on The Family Business of God here on earth.  When Jesus left planet earth, He delegated His Authority to us, as Believers to continue doing what He had been doing in His Ministry.  His Ministry multiplies and expands through His Body, the Believers and Followers of Him.

And what did we see Jesus doing in His Ministry?  Raising the dead, healing people wherever He went, blind eyes opened, the deaf ears opened, people were delivered from demons, prosperity and objects multiplied to feed the hungry, pearls found in fishes mouths to pay off debts and people, villages, towns, a nation and eventually the world was changed through Him.  At what point did we, as the Church begin thinking that all of that was to stop?  When did we stop believing that WE could do what He said that we could?  The Word tells us that PROOF THAT WE BELIEVE is that we will cast out demons from people, speak in tongues, and even if we were to pick up a snake, or drink something that had poison in it, it would not even harm us!  No harm from animals or anything would affect us!

These PROOFS or SIGNS would show the world that Jesus is alive and living through us!   We have been given the AUTHORITY and LEGAL POWER OF RIGHT TO COMMAND these PROOFS in our lives to come to pass!  Church, it is OUR TIME!  We have been placed in this time of history to not only speak, teach and minister His Word, we are to DEMONSTRATE His Love and Power to this lost world!  There are hurting people out there and we who have made Jesus The Lord and Savior of our lives are their HOPE!  We carry THE ANSWERS that they are looking for.  We have within us God, Who can heal, restore, save and bring them The Good News of The Kingdom of God.  Yet, there is a stipulation to all of this happening for this lost world of people, WE HAVE TO LAY OUR HANDS ON THEM, SPEAK TO THE DEMONS AND TELL THEM TO LEAVE THEM, WE HAVE TO MOVE and DO!

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