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Many of us try to play perfect, and sometimes we don’t realize we’re doing it; that is, until we stumble.

Then we feel guilt, and shame—which is perfectly normal… at first. Until we refuse to let that inner turmoil go. We’ll earnestly repent and seek God’s forgiveness, but we won’t accept it as enough.

Instead of saying, “Okay, I messed up, I’m sorry,” and believing God has forgiven us, we determine to go to church more, and read more of our Word, and do this, and do that. All that is good and dandy, but the motive is wrong. You’re doing it to try and regain perfection you never had, as if you have to make it up to God in some big way before He forgives you.

Condemnation is a terrible thing, a terrible thing to which we are not sentenced. After you’ve messed up, don’t let your thoughts tell you You’re not worthy to be loved by God, and If you were really Christian, you wouldn’t have… Why hold your faults over your head when God doesn’t?

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5 Scriptures To Help You Overcome Feelings Of Condemnation  was originally published on praisecleveland.com

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