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As I reflect over my life, memories come of growing up in a family that imparted behavior and values that helped me greatly as I grew into a young woman.  But I do admit I also messed up, yes the ‘church girl’!  I was raised up around scripture, song, prayer, ministry, and the corporate gathering of God’s people.  At home, my mother’s “life-light” Jesus Christ, shined brightly.  In spite of her tears, disappointments, hurt and pain, the “life-light” continued to shine through.  I would wonder, “How does she do this?”

Her faith was so profound and strong.  One example was when she prayed, trusted, believed, and waited on God for thirty years for my father’s salvation.  I actually saw this process happen.  I did not know her faith was being passed down to me and I was being prepared for my faith as a young woman.  One of my prayers was that God would save my Daddy before I got married, and he did.

There is a young man in the Bible, Timothy, Apostle Paul’s son in ministry.  His mother Eunice imparted the character of faithfulness in his life, which was passed down to her from her mother Lois.  It was this continuing legacy of faith that was passed on to him.  Faith binds one generation to the next in our experience of God.  Shared moments of scripture, song, prayer, and teaching builds a common bridge that spans generations, helping families to know God.

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