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via Hallels:

Chart-topping Gospel Reggae pioneers CHRISTAFARI return to the top spot this week on the Billboard Reggae Albums Chart with their latest studio album, “Original Love” (Lion of Zion Entertainment). Released on April 13th, “Original Love” is the group’s seventh consecutive album to debut at #1.

After nearly three decades, CHRISTAFARI is the all-time top selling Gospel Reggae act and continues to be a driving force in world music. But the band considers themselves to be more than just musicians, but rather “musicianaries” (musical missionaries), spreading the message of hope and salvation globally to approximately 20 countries per year.

Q:  Pastor Mark, thanks for doing this interview with us. What does CHRISTAFARI mean?

Although it may sound like it– our name is not a mixture of Rastafarianism and Christianity. It is not like calling oneself “Christbuddah” or “ChristKrishn

CHRISTAFARI (pronounced Christ-ah- far- eye), is a name whose root is found in three languages; Greek, Latin and Amharic.

1) First and most importantly is the Greek language through which God chose to write the New Testament. In this language the name Cristoforos (Christafaros) means “the Christ bearer” and Cristoforoi (Christafaroi) which is plural meaning “a group of people that collectively bear or represent Christ. This is where we get the name “Christopher” from.

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