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You better be careful what you say to R Kelly cause he might just turn it around on you….if the shoe fits wear it boyyy ♫ !!  And according to Dave Chappelle he has his own ‘Surviving R Kelly’ testimony, because R Kelly and his homies were going to slap the piss out of him for telling a piss on you joke.

If you recall they showed a should a clip of a skit from The Dave Chappelle Show during ‘Surviving R Kelly.  The clip is a video of Dave Chappelle in a music video spoofing R Kelly, singing a song titled “Piss On You”.  The skit mocking R Kelly comes from the allegations that he allegedly urinated on someone in an alleged video that was leaked on the streets.

And allegedly while at a show R Kelly and his crew decided to let Dave know exactly how he felt about the skit.


The comic hopped onstage at the WeHo Improv Monday night with his friend and “Chappelle’s Show” costar, Donnell Rawlings. Dave revealed Kelly and his crew approached him in Chicago — during a Common concert — and made it clear they were, umm … pissed about his “Piss on You” skit.

Either way you want to allegedly say what happened, Dave Chappelle say’s Kell’s was allegedly pissed.  Pardon the pun and check out what is allegedly going on in the videos below

Dave Chappelle: R Kelly Was Ready To Slap The Piss Out Of Him!?  was originally published on wzakcleveland.com