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Amber Guyger was sentenced 10 years for killing her neighbor Botham Jean inside his own home. From hugs to receiving a Bible, she got the best treatment anyone has seen a convicted . murderer receive. Now it appears the Dallas is also getting some nice treatment. 

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The Botham Jean family has filed a wrongful death civil rights lawsuit against Amber Guyger and the city of Dallas for how the case was handled. However, an unidentified judge is asking for Dallas to be removed from the lawsuit.

Fox 4 reports, a magistrate judge wants the city of Dallas to be removed. The reasoning? Amber Guyger was off-duty, according to them, so Dallas shouldn’t be responsible. However, Jean family insists poor training by the Dallas PD is the reason why Jean was killed.

Nonetheless, the judge wrote “although the cases cited…involved shootings of unarmed minority individuals…they are not ‘fairly similar’ to Jean’s shooting…none of these cases involved an off-duty officer approaching what he or she believed to be a burglary taking place in his or her own home.”

One of the attorneys for the Jean family, y Daryl K. Washington, said, “As we allege in our pleadings and as we have always argued, Amber Guyger was clearly on duty. The great majority of the evidence, and the presentation by Amber Guyger’s side, was that she was a police officer and that she acted as a police officer would behave.”

This is just a recommendation and a district judge will decide to accept or reject.

On September 6, 2018 Guyger said she mistakingly entered Jeans apartment after a long day at work as a Dallas police officer. She says she mistook Jean for a crook and ordered him not to move. Then she shot him twice before realizing her catastrophic error. Jean was killed at 26 while watching television and eating ice cream.

Guyger’s murder trial took a full seven days, ending much faster than expected. The prosecution rested its case by Thursday, while the defense rested its case by Monday, which is when the jury deliberation started. Guyger admitted under cross-examination that she intended to kill Jean when she shot him, and the former officer also admitted that she was trained in CPR but refrained from performing the life-saving technique on Jean after she shot him. Instead, the 911 call she made along with her actions following the incident suggested that she was more concerned about saving herself rather than Jean.

Guyger was found guilty after less than 24 hours of deliberation.  It sounds like Dallas does not want to have to pay up via civil rights lawsuit against.


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