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According to a local news investigation, drivers in Cleveland are being asked to pay parking tickets that are at least 20 years old.

As you may imagine – this isn’t going over too well for those drivers.

Think about it. You haven’t been as much as a pulled over in nearly 20 years, then you open up your mail one day and see that you owe a fine from the 90s!

So the FOX 8 I-Team did a little digging and made this semi-bizarre discovery. Apparently, some Clevelanders are receiving letters from the Ohio Attorney General demanding payments for decades-old tickets, and some of them don’t even remember receiving the ticket in the first place.

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From FOX 8:

“If I got a ticket, I paid it right away,” Collins said. “If I did something wrong I’m gonna pay whatever fine I have to pay but this is ridiculous. Them going after a 20 year old ticket tells me that they don’t take care of their business properly.” 

To read the full report from FOX 8, [click here]

Not to mention, can you imagine trying to fight a traffic ticket from 20 years ago?

Cleveland Municipal Court claims that they sent the unpaid tickets to the Ohio Attorney General earlier this year in hopes of getting some help in collecting the payments. They estimate that around 100,000 tickets were sent off, with a value of over $3.6 million. To date, they claim about $200,000 has been collected.

So you may want to check your mail. There could be an old fine just waiting to be rediscovered.

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