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Ja Morant Hosts Sound Nightclub

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant just can’t seem to leave the guns out of his Instagram videos.  

On Sunday, a second video of the NBA All-Star flashing a gun went viral on social media, prompting the Grizzlies in suspending Morant from all team activities until further notice. 

“We are aware of the social media video involving Ja Morant,” the Grizzlies said in a statement Sunday. “He is suspended from all team activities pending league review. We have no further comment at this time.”

In the video, Ja Morant is in the passenger seat of a car dancing, while his close friend Davonte Pack is driving and going live on Instagram at the same time. Although quick, at the 13-second timestamp, you can see Morant dancing and brandishing what looks to be a pistol. Pack, then quickly realizes his mistake of filming Morant with a weapon and tries to put the camera down, but by then it’s too late. 

The NBA is also investigating the incident. 

“We are aware of the social media post involving Ja Morant and are in the process of gathering more information,” NBA spokesperson Mike Bass said.

Former NBA players blasted Ja Morant’s actions, many of them saying he should be hit with a lengthy suspension. One of the loudest critics was Kwame Brown who’s rant was a viral moment in itself. 

“You got 231 million dollars promised to you and you want to be a f——g thug?” Brown said. “It’s ok for you to have a gun,” Brown continued. “You have a right, you have a 2nd Amendment right to have a gun, but what the f–k do you keep pulling it out menacing for? What is up with all this music you keep listening to? Is this music putting you in a trans, dumbass boy? Because that music is gonna cost you your f——g career.”

Brown continued, questioning Morant’s friends and why they would even put him in the situation. 

“A real friend, they’re gonna tell you when you’re wrong and they ain’t gonna argue with you but they just not gonna participate and go with you in the bulls–t,” Brown explained. “See, a real friend don’t keep telling a man what’s right and what’s wrong. You just tell him and you let them make their own decision.”

Other NBA players just seemed confused and disappointed by Morant’s actions. 

“I just don’t understand,” said former NBA Champion J.R. Smith.

“Ja Morant ain’t go stop until he’s OUT the League. SMH,” tweeted former player, now media pundit Kendrick Perkins.

In March, Morant was given an eight-game suspension after a video of him brandishing a weapon in a Glendale bar went viral on social media. 

In January, it was reported that “acquaintances of Grizzlies star Ja Morant aggressively confronted members of the Pacers traveling party near the team’s bus in the loading area of FedExForum, and later someone in a slow-moving SUV — which Morant was riding in — trained a red laser on them.”

It was also reported that a Pacers’ security guard present at the time remarked, “That’s 100% a gun.”

Ja Morant clearly has a pattern of poor decision-making, but only time will tell if that changes. 


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