While Obama’s speech alluded to policies he’d like to implement that might help restore jobs – like permanently extending a research and development tax credit, and allowing companies to immediately write off their capital investments instead of staggering them over different tax years – its main focus was political.

Every time President Obama comes to Ohio we get more promises of recovery and nothing to show for it,” added Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine. “I welcome him any time because he’s only reminding voters of the wasteful spending and reckless policies that have failed to create jobs.”

In his speech, Obama contrasted current GOP leaders with Republican trailblazers like Abraham Lincoln, who set up the first land grant colleges and launched the transcontinental railroad, of Teddy Roosevelt, who broke up business monopolies, and Ronald Reagan, who helped save Social Security.

“These were serious leaders for serious times,” Obama said. “They were great politicians, but they didn’t spend all their time playing games or scoring points. They didn’t always prey on people’s fears and anxieties. They made mistakes but they did what they thought was in the best interests of their country and its people

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