This week there has been much controversy surrounding a little girl in Mexico. A 10-year-old girl there is 17 1/2 weeks pregnant, raped by her stepfather. He’s been arrested, but the battle is just beginning. You know, the Big One. The one about abortion.

While abortion is legal in Mexico’s capital city, it’s banned or significantly restricted in most of the country’s states. The girl’s home state of Quintana Roo allows abortion in cases of rape — but only during the first 90 days of pregnancy. The 10-year-old is about a month beyond that.

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“This girl is much more than an isolated case,” said Adriana Ortiz-Ortega, a researcher at Mexico’s National Autonomous University who has written two books on abortion in Mexico, “and there is much more influence now from conservative groups that are trying to prevent the legalization of abortion.”

Many advocacy groups are reaching out to US officials, to investigate Quintana Roo’s handling of the matter, claiming officials did not inform her of her abortion rights. “We don’t know what is happening, and the institution that is supposed to provide support and care for these minors hasn’t been transparent. We’re really asking for accountability,” said Maria Luisa Sanchez Fuentes, director of the Information Group on Reproductive Choice.

The Roman Catholic Church vocally opposes abortion in Mexico, and the topic has long been controversial there. The debate has been particularly heated since 2007, when the nation’s more liberal capital city approved a law legalizing abortion during the first three months of pregnancy with no restrictions. That decision was challenged and ultimately upheld by the country’s Supreme Court in 2008. (Source CNN)

This case is very sensative, and breaks my heart to know that not only has this young girl been the victim of molestation, she now is at the forefront of a debate that has been going on way beyond her years of living on this earth. Yes, this will be a big battle. Politicians will get involved. Churches. Parents. Abortion rights supporters. Abortion rights opponents.

But this is a story about a little girl. A little girl who was raped by her stepfather. A little girl who probably can’t understand her pregnancy. A little girl who may not be able to comprehend an abortion or being a mother. Yes, this will be a big battle. Politicians will get involved. Churches. Parents. Abortion rights supporters. Abortion rights opponents. I can already hear their battle cries.

What are your thoughts on abortion- should a ten year old have her stepfather’s child or have an abortion?