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A timeline of terror.

Austin Bombings: 19 Days Of White Domestic Terror Targeting Black People  was originally published on

1. First Victim Killed: Anthony Stephan House

First Victim Killed: Anthony Stephan House

This is the quiet neighborhood where Anthony Stephan House, a 39-year-old African-American man, was killed when the first bomb went off on March 2. The package was left on House’s doorstep. He was hospitalized and later died.

2. Anthony Stephan House’s Home

Anthony Stephan House’s Home

This is the house where the first bomb went off, killing House, a father, talented senior project manager and a graduate of Texas State University.

3. Second Victim Killed: Draylen Mason

Second Victim Killed: Draylen Mason

Deflated balloons swayed in the wind in front of the Austin house where 17-year-old Draylen Mason, an African-American bassist, will killed by a second bomb on March 12.

4. Third Explosion

Third Explosion

This is the scene near the home of a Latina woman, 75 years old, who was injured in a third explosion on March 12. This incident was the second reported explosion on that day and the third in two weeks. The crimes were being investigated as possible serial hate crimes. The explosions also happened as Austin, the Texas state’s capital city of 2 million people, welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors for the South by Southwest entertainment and media festival.

5. Third Explosion Crime Scene

Third Explosion Crime Scene

Federal investigators investigated the scene of the third explosion on March 12.

6. Fourth Explosion

Fourth Explosion

Police tape was put up at the site of the fourth bombing on Dawn Song Drive in Austin on March 18. Two men in their 20s were taken to a hospital with serious injuries.

7. Fourth Explosion Investigation

Fourth Explosion Investigation

Local law enforcement opened another investigation into the fourth blast on March 19.

8. Police Talk To The Public

Police Talk To The Public

Austin Police Chief Brian Manley held a press conference, cautioning residents against suspicious packages and appealing to the suspected bomber(s) to come forward on March 19.

9. Police Speak Again

Police Speak Again

Austin police Assistant Chief Ely Reyes spoke to the press about the bombings on March 20.

10. Fifth Blast Occurs

Fifth Blast Occurs

Police and FBI Agents investigated the fifth incident at the Sunset Valley FedEx store on Brodie Lane in Austin. The incident was linked to the package bomb which exploded on a conveyor belt in a FedEX facility near San Antonio, Texas on March 20. A sixth blast involving an “incendiary device” injured one person at a Goodwill store in Austin on March 20. However, police said that sixth incident appeared not to be related to the recent string of bombings across the region.

11. Texas Troopers Respond

Texas Troopers Respond

Texas troopers took security measures near the site of the fifth explosion in Austin on March 20.

12. Authorities Hunt For Suspected Bomber

Authorities Hunt For Suspected Bomber

Law enforcement officials received information that led them to the suspected package bomber in Round Rock, Texas on March 21. They obtained surveillance images showing the suspect at a FedEx store in Austin.

13. Authorities On Suspect’s Trail

Authorities On Suspect’s Trail

Law enforcement put on protective gear before they investigated the location where the suspected bomber was reported.

14. Location Of Bomber Found

Location Of Bomber Found

Cops identified the suspected bomber’s car and spotted it on the evening of March 21 at a hotel in Round Rock, Texas. As officers waited for tactical units to arrive, the suspected male drove away and later stopped on the side of the road. The suspect, described as a 24-year-old White male, blew himself up inside his car as a SWAT team approached the vehicle.

15. FBI On Patrol

FBI On Patrol

An FBI Mobile Command Center Vehicle was parked on a highway on March 21 in Round Rock, Texas near the scene where a suspected bomber identified as Mark Anthony Conditt blew himself up in his vehicle.