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Although the NFL season just wrapped up last month, we wanted to take the time to give a special shout out to the ones who play just as big of a role on the field as the players themselves. That’s right… we’re talking about the cheerleaders!

Since 1954, cheerleaders have been a huge part of the overall NFL experience, with complex routines and stunts to keep sports fans engaged in between the plays. And, just like we have our favorite NFL teams, we have our favorite cheerleading squads.

On that note, online gambling site Betway recently made a ranking of the top 10 NFL cheerleader teams based on the number of Instagram hashtag posts, Instagram followers and TikTok hashtag posts for each of the squads. Here are their findings!

The Most Popular NFL Cheerleader Squads In 2024  was originally published on

1. Cincinnati Ben-Gals

Team: Cincinnati Bengals

IG Hashtag Posts: n/a

IG Followers: 52,200

TikTok Hashtag Posts: 68,700

2. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Team: Dallas Cowboys

IG Hashtag Posts: 8

IG Followers: 663,000

TikTok Hashtag Posts: n/a

3. Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

Team: Miami Dolphins

IG Hashtag Posts: 18,477

IG Followers: 130,000

TikTok Hashtag Posts: 928

4. Saints Cheer Krewe (f.k.a. “Saintsations”)

Team: New Orleans Saints

IG Hashtag Posts: 13,520

IG Followers: 26,000

TikTok Hashtag Posts: 153

5. Chiefs Cheerleaders

Team: Kansas City Chiefs

IG Hashtag Posts: 4,813

IG Followers: 214,000

TikTok Hashtag Posts: 153

6. Houston Texans Cheerleaders

Team: Houston Texans

IG Hashtag Posts: 6,201

IG Followers: 119,000

TikTok Hashtag Posts: 49

7. Denver Broncos Cheerleaders

Team: Denver Broncos

IG Hashtag Posts: 4,422

IG Followers: 95,500

TikTok Hashtag Posts: 99

8. New England Patriots Cheerleaders

Team: New England Patriots

IG Hashtag Posts: 2,176

IG Followers: 157,000

TikTok Hashtag Posts: 11

9. Detroit Lions Cheerleaders

Team: Detroit Lions

IG Hashtag Posts: 4,956

IG Followers: 42,900

TikTok Hashtag Posts: 128

10. Jets Flight Crew

Team: New York Jets

IG Hashtag Posts: 4,412

IG Followers: 31,800

TikTok Hashtag Posts: 8 

*Note: The Jets Flight Crew is currently inactive, as their last post was in 2022.