GETTY IMAGES: The public perceives most professional athletes as superior specimens and in peak condition, but pros can suffer from debilitating health conditions just like the rest of us. For example: world champion and Cleveland Cavaliers star Richard Jefferson. Jefferson has been a professional basketball player since 2001 and has played for teams including the New Jersey […]

Watch that microwave popcorn folks if you are about to have a baby! A pregnant woman’s exposure to microwaves, power lines, hair dryers, and other devices with electromagnetic fields may increase her child’s risk of asthma, a study suggests. Scientists checked pregnant women’s levels of exposure to low-frequency magnetic fields and compared the info to the […]

Geneticists in the U.S. have identified a set of “trans-ethnic” genes uniquely linked to Asthma in African-Americans. The findings, which are featured in the latest issue of Nature Genetics, are said to be a significant advance in the efforts to determine the roots of Asthma. “These results suggest that some asthma susceptibility loci are robust […]