The doors to Charleston’s Mother Emanuel AME Church reopened Sunday to an exodus of people undeterred by the murderous efforts of a gunman fueled by…

Annette Larkins (pictured) doesn’t look anywhere near 71 years old, and she knows it. Looking more like her 80-year-old husband’s granddaughter and either of her…

The general distrust that African Americans have of clinical trials is rooted in their strained relationships with medical researchers, some of whom long ago broke the bond of trust by putting African-American patients at risk and failing to make full disclosures.

Today CNN posted an editorial titled, “Is Ethnic Beauty the New ‘It’ Factor?”; a piece exploring pop-culture’s shift in standards of beauty from an Euro centric appreciation, to an increased appreciation of “ethnic” features.

I’m a registered Independent. I voted for Bush and I voted for Obama and I was right each time.

When I read about the possibility that Reggie Bush may have his Heisman Trophy taken, I became irritated beyond imagination.  “Here we go again,” I thought.  “Another self-righteous group of hoity-toity NCAA administrators making value judgments about the character of black male athletes.

STEPHANIE ROBINSON SPEAKS Missing while Black By now, you likely know the story. A year ago this month, an attractive and smart graduate student and alum of Cal State Fullerton University entered a Malibu, CA restaurant alone for dinner.

My least favorite expression in the English language is “if that was me”.

The main loophole in the idea of “White Supremacy” is, of course, the fact that it’s a racist ideology.

At the risk of offending my buddy Dubs—who understandably doesn’t like seeing his government name in print—I’ve gotta reproduce this stellar piece of insight he hit a bunch of us with in an e-mail earlier today.