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I’m a registered Independent. I voted for Bush and I voted for Obama and I was right each time.

Still, when I read that the slant to my writing is “liberal” or I read something similar about the other journalists on this site, I start to wonder what angle people are reading from.

You’d have to be standing on your head and reading from right to left to mistake anything I’ve ever said in print as “liberal”.

First of all, I can’t be a liberal. The titles “liberal” and “conservative” are exclusive enclaves of the rich and ruling class. As a poor man, the best I could shoot for would be being sympathetic to either liberal or conservative causes.

And I’m neither.

Liberals and conservatives are the exact same things. The only ways that they differ is in their prescribed treatment of “others”—like me.

For example, liberals favor giving the poor just enough in government subsidies like welfare and Medicaid to keep them from murdering people.

Conservatives, on the hand, realize that should the poor start murder people, they would likely only murder the other poor at which point they would end up in jail while (pardon the pun) killing two birds with one stone.

Liberals favor gay marriage and abortion because the see themselves as champions of “rights”. “Rights for All” is the closest thing liberals have to a motto.

Conservatives oppose gay marriage and abortion because they see themselves as champions of “morality”. “A More Moral America” might be the conservative motto if they didn’t seem to already be going with “Taking Back America”.

The grim reality is, liberals and conservatives are both hypocrites.

Dig the note of moral condescension it requires to champion the rights of people to have or do things that you might or might not agree with.

Also dig the claiming of rights to legislate on topics of morality that have nothing to do with one’s self.

You can’t give anybody rights just like you can give anybody freedom. Both are fraudulent if given and only genuine when won.

Meanwhile, the purest morality, if I’m not mistaken, is the one that frees us from the burden of judging our fellow man.

But don’t listen to me. I don’t have enough money to tell anybody how he or she should live. And if I did, I still wouldn’t be a liberal or a conservative. I’d only be a higher ranking capitalist.

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