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The Justice League task force lead a multi-racial march from Harlem to the United Nations Monday afternoon, knowing that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of…


On Wednesday, a group of nine African American women, called the Delegation of Grieving Mothers, went before the House Judiciary committee to discuss how it felt to…

NEW YORK-Detectives Michael Oliver, Gescard Isnora and Marc Cooper who were acquitted for killing Sean Bell in a high profile 2008 trial, are now facing an NYPD disciplinary trial according to the New York Daily News: The NYPD would not provide any information on what would happen in the trial room, and lawyers for the […]

Close to five years ago Sean Bell was shot in a hail of 50 bullets on a Queens, New York street. Today, a new community center erected in the name of Sean Bell has opened on the intersection now known as Sean Bell way in Jamaica, Queens. It is called the Sean Elijah Bell Community […]

Yesterday brought speculation that the fiancee of the Queens man shot and killed by police before his wedding might run for the City Council seat left vacant with Councilman Thomas White’s death. At White’s funeral, Nicole Paultre Bell told the Daily News, “One thing that Tom White did tell me sitting in his office is […]

All too often we see celebrities, politicians, and corporations make tragic mistakes which offend or harm the people within the Black community.

Denise Ford, mother of the late Tujuan Ford, and Trent Benefield, speaks about violence which has affected her family. Two of her sons have felt the sting of bullets and now she’s calling for an end to the violence.

A weekend Harlem block party that ended in a spray of gunfire and the death of a Bronx man shared a series of loose connections with the infamous Sean Bell case.