courtesy of FOX 8 viewers are moved to action after learning about a nine-year-old boy whose wheelchair was stolen. Many people called and emailed…

Bwaaaaah! Police have arrested a 17-year-old for burglary in Norcross after finding him trapped in a chimney. According to police outside Atlanta, a neighbor called police after hearing Ronaldo Jack screaming from inside the chimney at the home on Lanier Boulevard. Police arrived at the home and a rescue unit was called to get Jack […]

These thieves didn’t deny stealing…they just wanted Judge Judy to be clear on what they stole!

  You can add another dunce to the dumb crooks file. It’s 19 year-old Suave Carter. He and another thug jumped, beat and robbed a 17 year-old honor roll student as he walked near East 185th and St. Clair. “He noticed some guys behind him and they were calling him, not by name but saying little stuff.” […]