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If you got your flu shot you’ll probably be fine this winter but there’s a new strain out there you need to know about.

It’s called “The Man Flu” and it lays men out on the couch, so all they’re able to do is watch football on Sunday afternoon.

Believe it not, a new survey shows that 20% of women actually believe that this is a real illness.

But it’s not, it’s just another medical wives tale.

If your man wasn’t at the game, chances are he was at home on the couch, unable to move except to reach for a beer or the remote.

Maybe he was sick with a case, of the man flu.

 Dr. Ewald Horwath is the Chairman of Psychiatry at MetroHealth Medical Center.

It doesn’t surprise him that a full 20% of women believe that the “man flu” is a real illness…when it’s not.

“In the absence of information, I believe we look for an explanation that works for us,” said Dr. Ewald Horwath. “Women are pulling their hair out trying to figure out a way to account for this.”

So, women…bless their hearts, are just trying to make sense of why so many men turn into couch potato’s on the weekend. Someone created the term “man flu” and another medical myth was born.

“These medical myths range from the fairly serious “man flu” to the tales parents tell to get their kids from acting goofy: “If you cross you eyes too long, they’ll get stuck,” Dr. Ewald Horwath said. “I don’t believe it’s true, but your mom was trying to get you to do something she didn’t want you to do.”

In fact, Dr. Horwath loves the myth cracking your knuckles causes arthritis.

“Actually, I have to confess I tell my son this,” Dr. Ewald Horwath said.

The doctor says believing all this stuff doesn’t mean we’re crazy, just uninformed.


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