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2011 has had it’s shares of ups and downs, but there may be certain things in your life that you may not even suspect are contributing to your unhappiness.  Take a look at the following ten things that could be depriving you of a whole lot of laughs and plenty of good times.

1. The Manipulating “Friend”

You know the “friend” that only calls you when they have nothing else better to do; The ”friend” that feels the need to bribe you whenever they need a favor by telling you what you’ll get out of it; The “friend” who uses your achievements as a gauge to how they can outdo you.  ALL of these “friends” need to be left behind as you step forward into the new year.  Life is too short to have to navigate friendships like a landmine. A few quality friends are worth way more than a dozen flaky ones.

2. Disrespectful Relatives

The music is going, the drinks are flowing and suddenly the laughter stops after a backhanded comment disguised as a joke slips from someone’s lips.  These arguments usually start off as something small like how you added too much salt in the mac and cheese and erupt into a knock down drag out fight over the real issue not being stated.  It’s bad enough you have to protect your neck in the streets, that last thing you want is to come home to people who act like anything but family. You don’t have to tolerate someone’s nasty attitude or trifling ways just because you have DNA in common.  Don’t hesitate to take a breather and keep your distance from people who do nothing but bring you down, blood relatives or not.

3. Other People’s Problems (OPP)

We’ve all got problems, and most of us do whatever we can to live as stress free as possible.  Unfortunately, there are some people who can’t function in life without their share of daily altercations and bad attitudes.  What you may not know is that OPP (other people’s problems) can have you just as if not more stressed out than your own.  Don’t let friends get you all roped into shenanigans like calling her man’s mistress and cussing her out, throwing drinks in the club and other nonsense. Grown women know how to entertain themselves without re-enacting episodes of “Bad Girls Club.”

4. Disregard For Your Physical and Mental Health.

With the recent deaths of rapper Heavy D. and comedian Patrice O’Neal, men both in their forties, I can’t help but think that people are passing at much younger ages.  There are rumors that Dwight Myers, affectionately known as “Heavy D.” may have suffered from a heart attack or pneumonia, but this hasn’t been confirmed.  O’Neal passed as a result of complications from a diabetic stroke he suffered from in October.  While mourning their memory, we should keep in mind just how fragile our health is and take it seriously.  In 2012, make an effort to regularly receive medical care.  Don’t self-diagnose or medicate and take symptoms seriously.

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