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Tuesday night’s debate was a fierce one right?

Mitt Romney was a bull dog out there, attempting to take over the whole discussion.

Candy Crowley tried real hard to keep things under control, but nearly failed at keeping her biases out of the equation. Her efforts didn’t go unnoticed, however she did get some criticism.

On Wednesday morning on “The View, ” Barbara Walters asked Crowley if she was being biased.

Republicans expressed outrage when at one point during the debate Crowley interjected, correcting Mitt Romney’s comment about when the president called the Libya attack an act of terrorism.

The mediator defended herself and said she did turn the conversation back over to the Republican candidate to move it along.

“People are going to look at this through the prism that they’re going to look at it through,” she said. “I get that. I totally understand. It didn’t come to me as, ‘I’m going to fact-check this.’ It came to me as, ‘Can we get past this?’”

The ladies asked if Candy was too pushy during the debate.

“I love the term pushy,” Crowley replied. “I didn’t think I was too pushy. I think I was trying to get – Look, I was kind of the advocate for the 80 people sitting up here. I was trying to get their question answered, which required me to say, ‘I don’t know why we’re talking about Chinese currency because I thought it was about assault weapons.’ And to try to get in as many as I could.”

via EurWeb