Roland Martin and an expert panel of guests dissect the second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.


Roland Martin and NewsOne Now discuss Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's remarks regarding race, policing, and healing the racial divide.

President Barack Obama’s sarcastic remark the other night during the 3rd presidential debate caught the attention of Bayonet Inc.

Tuesday night’s debate was a fierce one right? Check out what mediator Candy Crowley had to say about it.

Mitt Romney's son Tagg did an interview and said he wants to get physical with the POTUS!

The political scene has been fierce and quite tense with polls constantly flip-flopping between the two major presidential candidates.

When the presidential debate dust finally settles, President Obama and GOP Presidential foe Mitt Romney will have spent a grand total of four and one half hours battering each other on who can do the best or worst job on tax reform, job creation, deficit reduction, staunching Iran’s nukes, and getting a grip on Middle East affairs.