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Lebron is forgotten as Cleveland HEATs up the first annual Summer Jam

A part of Cleveland may have left for the Miami Heat but Miami heat came to Cleveland this past weekend at SUMMER JAM Cleveland 2010. Cleveland sure is not in the dumps anymore due to the recent news of Lebron’s departure. In fact they are partying the night away the weekend after The Decision. The first annual Cleveland Summer Jam took place this weekend.  This summer’s hottest Hip Hop stars and local talent rocked the stage. Trina, Rick Ross, Plies Wacka Flocka and Roscoe Dash just to name a few. The site was amazing considering the trying week. Many of you may have seen in the news the Lebron jersey’s being burned in the streets of Cleveland as well as the Lebron Witness banner being removed from Downtown Cleveland, oh and not to mention the Akron traitor signs posted in the city… but all was well the night that Radio One Z107.9 hosted a show that Cleveland needed at the right time.

That same rage was transformed into the heart of a city beating rich in passion and love for their own. If you think Rick Ross and Trina was the headliner then you are correct in part. The true headliners were Cleveland’s own talent that hit the stage to rep’ the city… Machine Gun Kelly, Da Kennel, Niccotine, CJ Platinum, Al Fatz, Royalty Camp, Bravo, Kick Flip B, Ray Grizzel and other Cleveland bred rappers shared the same stage with the Teflon Don. (the latest leak from Rick Ross)

Some may think Cleveland had a strong reaction to Lebron’s departure but after witnessing the passion they have for their own, I understood. It was not anger but passion erupting. It was a beautiful site to see a packed out amphitheatre of 5,000+ chanting out the words to “Came Down” by Al Fatz and “BMF” by Rick Ross all in the same night.

If you ever doubted the passion that Cleveland has for their own then you should have been there to see the truth that night. Cleveland is rich and their name existed before a king was declared. Here are a few clips of your favorite artists… Trina, Rick Ross, Plies, Wacka Flocka, Roscoe Dash, Teairra Mari, Dondria, Britni Elise, RydazNRtist…

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