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A seemingly physically fit man goes for the usual 5 mile run. Before he has a chance to finish, he drops dead. This is the story of several men who have taken their last breaths during their normal exercise routine. You would think that the more one exercises, the more likely that person is to live a healthier and longer life. 
According a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the rate of death by exercise is higher among men who exercise longer and harder than those who exercise short and hard. This study does not say to stop exercising.  It is recommended that you exercise frequently. Just stay moving. When compared to endurance exercises, strength training is less likely to result in death. In fact, strength training protects your body from the shock of over-exertion. Combining both strength training and endurance exercises is advisable. 

Barry Franklin Ph.D., director of cardiac rehabilitation and exercise laboratories at the William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, MI, said, “The person who’s at greatest risk of an exercise death is the person with known or hidden coronary artery disease who is habitually sedentary–a couch potato, all year round.” So, the best way to avoid buying the farm while sweating it out during a strenuous work out is to work out.