Buffalo Bills receiver Stevie Johnson pretended to shoot himself in the thigh,  mocking Jets receiver Plaxico Burress’ 2008 shooting incident, during a game Sunday.

Former New York Giants star Plaxico Burress spoke to Bryant Gumbel recently about how his race may have affected the jury’s decision in the 2009 gun possession case that landed him in prison for two years. Burress was charged with illegally carrying and firing a gun at a Manhattan nightclub in 2009. The former star […]

After serving 2 years in prison for shooting himself in the leg at a New York nightclub in 2008, Plaxico Burress is returning to the playing field not with the New York Giants, but with the rival New York Jets. While he’ll be sharing a stadium with his old team, he’ll be in a new […]

NFL free agent Plaxico Burress wants a shot at playing  for the Miami Dolphins, although the organization reportedly has no interest in signing him. Burress told WQAM’s Sid Rosenberg Monday that he and the Dolphins’ Brandon Marshall “would be the best duo in football,” if they would sign him. He also said that “a few” […]

Yet another troubling study of African-American males has been released — this one will surely make you cringe. According to a new study of North Carolina inmates, Black men are half as likely to die at any given time if they’re in prison than if they aren’t. The study claims that Black prisoners are protected […]

New Jersey — Plaxico Burress is scheduled to be released from the upstate Oneida Correctional Facility on June 6 — in time for training camp, if there is no NFL lockout — and there is growing support within the Giants organization to bring him back and give him a second chance. Co-owner Steve Tisch already […]

The man who used to wear No. 17 for the New York Giants and caught the most famous touchdown pass in team history passes through a massive steel door, and now he is walking toward you. He has green prison-issue pants and a blue-shirted corrections officer with him step for step, as if the guy […]

Former New York Giants Super Bowl star Plaxico Burress has come up short in his bid for work release during his two-year prison sentence in a gun case, a denial that could keep him behind bars until at least next spring, prison officials said Tuesday.