getty/instagram An “unprecedented number of threats” have been made against the Baltimore County Police Department since the fatal police shooting of Korryn Gaines on Monday, according to CBS Baltimore. Because of the increase, Chief Jim Johnson has chosen not to identify the officer who fired the deadly shot during the Randallstown incident, even though the department’s […]

A 39-year-old man fatally shot his wife, then killed himself Sunday afternoon outside a church in the city’s Austin neighborhood, police said. The incident occurred at about 2 p.m. in the 5700-block of West Chicago Avenue across the street from Second Mt. Olive Baptist Church. Witnesses said the woman’s husband was waiting for her in […]

GETTY IMAGE: The first black woman crowned Miss Alabama is standing by a controversial video in which she called the Dallas gunman a “martyr,” but admits it was a poor choice of words. Speaking to Inside Edition Tuesday, Kalyn Chapman James said she was emotional while recording the video, which made her the target of national backlash. “I do wish […]

ABC: Kyle Bridges // EEW Magazine News Cameron Sterling, the 15-year-old son of Alton Sterling, a black man who was gunned down by white police officers outside a convenience store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, wants America to “protest the right way.” “Protest in peace, not guns,” said Cameron today while standing outside the Triple […]

getty images: Article By Angela Walker // EEW Magazine News Millions have viewed the chilling video of the moments following Philando Castile’s fatal shooting by a Minnesota police officer during a traffic stop. According to the victim’s girlfriend Diamond Reynolds, her decision to stream the gruesome incident via Facebook live video was done in response […]

The parents of gunman responsible for the killing of five Dallas police officers, Micah Xavier Johnson, have broken their silence and spoken out. In an interview with conservative pundit Glenn Beck’s website, The Blaze, the killer’s parents detailed how their son’s behavior changed after he was discharged from the U.S. Army in 2015. Delphine Johnson, […]

During an interview with George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America, Diamond Reynoldsdisplayed the same level of composure she held while she streamed the shooting death of her boyfriend, Philando Castile, during a traffic stop last Wednesday evening. While wiping away tears, she opened the interview: “Every day is challenging, but with God and all the support of […]

Imagine a normal night out buying groceries with your boyfriend and daughter. Even when you’re stopped by the police, you are expecting that it will be routine – a ticket or warning for a broken tail light, one of the most commonly overlooked problems on a car. Diamond ‘Lavish’ Reynolds certainly didn’t think that instead […]

Video Of Officers Shooting Man Pinned Down Sparks Outrage: Alton Sterling, a 37-year-old black man, was shot to death as he lay on the ground with two police officers on top of him Tuesday morning. A video of the incident, which was posted to social media, has sparked national attention. Many questions remain unanswered. The […]

An Ohio man charged with fatally shooting his pastor brother in a church office as Sunday services were ending has been found mentally competent to stand trial. The Dayton Daily News reports a Montgomery County judge made the ruling Tuesday that 68-year-old Daniel Schooler is competent for trial, which is scheduled to begin Oct. 31. […]

Tipton's ex-teammate, Matt Overton, told ESPN Tipton was a "talented, hardworking player," who had an infectious personality.